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Name Badge Experts

5 Reasons All Hotel Employees Should Wear Name Badges

There are many hotels, motels, and resorts throughout the areas of Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, and beyond. While some are individually owned, others belong to corporate chains, where people expect things to be similar at each one of them, no matter what city they may be staying in. Hotels may have a revolving door for their customer base, but there is a lot they can do to ensure customer satisfaction and keep the person coming back and recommending their hotel.  Name badges can play an important role in helping to do that.

 Here are 5 reasons why all hotel employees should wear name badges:

  1. There are millions of dollars spent on hotel advertising so that it helps with corporate identity. It’s important that people know immediately what hotel a worker is representing. Custom name badges that have the corporate logo are a great image branding and corporate identity tool, and they are affordable. While spending lots of money on advertising, don’t overlook the power of a small name badge when it comes to branding.

  2. Security. At every hotel, people need to feel safe. Name badges help them quickly identify those who work there, helping them to feel more secure. Plus, if there are problems, even law enforcement will be able to quickly determine who works at the hotel.

  3. Guest satisfaction.While employees may groan once in a while about wearing name badges, most businesses stick with them because they realize it’s about guest satisfaction. You want your guests to love what you do. Having employees wear name badges as part of their uniform is a good way to help satisfy guests, who may be looking for the person’s name. The name badges can help alleviate the frustration of not having access to the person’s name.

  4. When people put a name badge on their uniform, they tend to act more professional. Every hotel should want their employees to act professional, because it will help to elevate the experience that the guests have at the establishment. Nobody ever regrets having their employees put forth a professional image.

  5. When you have a team of employees who get along and see each other as friends, they will help create an atmosphere that your guests are more likely to enjoy. Years ago, Westin hotels had their 50,000 employees add their passion to their name badges, so it would spark conversation and everyone could get to know each other better. From skiing and surfing to running and crocheting, it opened the door to conversation.

 When it comes down to it, there are no benefits to not having hotel employees wear name badges, but there are many positive reasons to have them wear them. Permanent name badges for employees, and reusable name badges for professional guests who are on the property, can help create the type of atmosphere every hotelier would want for their guests.