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5 Things To Know About Metal and Button Badges

Metal and button badges are nothing new. They have been around for many years. In fact, there are some people who have been collecting metal and button badges for decades. Metal and button badges, which are a type of name badge are long lasting and are here to stay. They make a great name badge choice for any company in Australia, including around and in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. 

When it comes to metal and button name badges some companies may not realize some of the perks that they come with. Here are 5 things to know about metal and button name badges: 

  1. Any company looking for a marketing tool that will not cost a lot of money will find that metal and button name badges fit the bill. They are affordable and have a great return on investment. Metal and button name badges can be purchased in quantities as small as 25 pieces, but it is important to note that the larger the order you place the more you will save. Consider placing an order for 1,000 metal or button name badges in order to get the biggest savings.
  2. Metal and button name badges can be used for many purposes. One of the best reasons to consider using them for your business is for marketing purposes. If your business has 1,000 metal or button name badges made with your logo and you give them out you will help with your brand recognition. Many people like company name badges if they are a fan of the company. The people may wear the name badges, which will further help to brand your logo and image, helping your return on investment.
  3. Long lasting.As mentioned, there are people who have collected metal and button name badges for decades. They are long lasting marketing tools. Most people will not dispose of a metal or button name badge, they hold onto it for many years. This helps to keep your business name around for a long time. If they don’t want the name badge any longer they may even give it away, rather than discard it.
  4. High quality.Metal and button name badges are high quality, which helps them to be long lasting. You can even opt for top-of-the-line styles, such as lapel pins. They provide a high quality image that gets your company branding out there in a more subtle way. All of these routes help with improving and branding your company image.
  5. Numerous styles.If you haven’t looked at metal and button name badges lately it is time to take a peek. Today they come in a variety of styles, so there is something for everyone’s taste. You can opt for traditional round metal name badges with your company logo, rectangle styles, stamped metal badges with your company name, and even oval ones. 

Any company in Australia who is looking for an affordable way to help market their company should consider opting for metal and button name badges. With your logo on them you will be providing a high quality, long lasting item that most people will hang on to for years to come. This will help brand your company and it may even make it into someone’s collection for savings for decades!

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