Name Badge Experts

Name Badge Experts

5 Ways Name Badges Can Expand Your Brands Social Media Presence

For any business in this day and age, social media is a cult marketing tool to generate new business and expand your brand awareness. Thanks to this, your brand can benefit from reaching more potential customers from simply adding your social media handle to your name badge designs.

Promote any social platforms whichever way suits your business; as well as giving a new contact pathway for consumers to reach out and prompt people to follow your business or give reviews!

Here are a few social ideas that you can add to your name badge to boost your following:

  • Add your social media handle under your name on your badge.
  • Place a specific hashtag that will direct them to your company feed - such as #signaladvantageau 
  • Include any other taglines that users can find you across social media sites or feeds that direct them to your specific brand
  • Add a QR code to larger name badge designs where consumers can leave a review for your business, check in or take a quick survey.