Name Badge Experts

Name Badge Experts

A Name Badge For Every Need

The more you know about the different types of name badges and their ideal usage, the less confusing they will seem. The good news is that there is a name badge to suit all needs. Whether you need them to help with accountability, professionalism, or for safety reasons, there are name badge options for every need. There are plenty of companies that can use more than one type of name badge, especially if they deal with the public, as well as engage in conferences and have guests that visit their establishment. 

Here is a quick and easy guide to helping you sort out the different types of name badges, so that you can choose the right one to meet your needs: 

  • Permanent name badges. These are custom-designed name badges that can’t be changed. They are high quality, professional, and last a long time. A permanent name badge is ideal for employees who will be there long-term and for positions that don’t change frequently. They are also beneficial for those who work outside the office, such as those on your sales team.
  • Reusable name badges. The reusable name badges give you the ability to use them over and over again. They are easy to use, made of high quality materials, and provide a simple way to swap out the name information. Reusable name badges are ideal for positions that have a high turnover rate, guests to your business, and to use for conference and workshop attendees.
  • Name badge holders.Offering a larger area to add information, the name badge holders can be a great tool at conferences, business meetings and workshops, and for guests to your business. They can easily be changed and updated and are simple to use.
  • Metal and button badges.The metal and button badges are primarily a smart marketing tool. Keep these on hand to have employees wear, hand out to customers and clients, and to give away at conferences and other events. Many people end up using them as keepsakes or to help promote companies they like doing business with.
  • Badge lanyards .The badge lanyards go with a name badge holder. They are an effective marketing tool, because you can have them custom printed with your company name, logo, or message on them. Give them to employees, customers, and to conference attendees. They offer a good way to get your branding out there. People often use the lanyards long after the event is over. 

Knowing the different ideal way to use each name badge makes choosing the right one for your business and needs a lot easier. Businesses in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne will find that matching the right name badge with their intended goals will provide a great return on investment. You can’t go wrong by choosing name badges for your employees, conferences, events, and more.