Name Badge Experts

Name Badge Experts

Sustainable Changes In All Areas Of Signal!

Over the few years at Signal HQ, we have focused on making small but significant sustainable changes in all aspects of the workplace. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to produce our products, to installing solar panels throughout our offices and warehouses, to creating categories and brochures curated to sustainable ranges of products. 

Our most recent go greener project was to replace our poly bags that we use to pack our name badges in, with a much more eco-friendly solution. So say hello to our new friend - Cornstarch! These bags are made of corn and are 100% biodegradable, which means no poly plastic in site for our dispatch team. For a quick calculation of how seriously we are taking sustainability at Signal Group, we ship around 5000 units a week which means that annually we will be saving 240,000 single use poly bags. 


Whilst we have also sourced a single use name badge which is made from 100% recycled seeded paper. To put it simply, once you have used your name  badge you plant it and watch it grow! We have a huge variety of seeds to choose from, varying to herbs and flowers to veg and plants! 

Keep an eye out for all other eco-friendly changes by signing up to our newsletter and following our socials! Whilst our entire category for sustainable ID solutions will be added weekly. 

Lets work together to make 2021 our greenest year yet!