Name Badge Experts

Name Badge Experts

Tips for Designing the Perfect Name Badge

If you are like many other businesses you know you need name badges. Australia companies have long been made aware of the benefits of using name badges. Yet they still may not know what it is that makes for a good, effective name badge. Rather than avoid the issue all together, just take the time to consider what it is that makes for a great name badge, then you will be ahead of the game!

 As you begin your search for name badges you will find that you have the option to customize them yourself, on our online name badge designer. Before you start doing that, here are a few things to consider when it comes to design:

  • Type of name badges. There are a lot of different kinds of name badges, including magnetic name badges, reusable name badges, metal badges, and more. Explore the different options and why each one is ideal, then make the decision on which one you will go with.
  • To logo or not. Some businesses are simply looking for name badges that include their team member’s names. That’s fine in some circumstances, but if you can benefit from putting a logo on there you will want to consider it and do it from the start. A logo will help with your company branding.
  • Consider promotions. If you are going to a conference or will be at an event you may want to consider adding on some button badges of your logo. Corporate name badges that are handed out to people can be a useful and effective tool in helping to promote your business and brand.
  • How much to include. Avoid the urge to load up on information on the name badges. Keeping it simple is ideal. The most important items would be the person’s name, your logo, and possibly the title or position with the company. If you do add more, always try to keep things looking neat and readable.
  • Consider the font. If you choose a font on your name badges that is too small people will not be able to see it. If it’s too large it may be a bit over bearing. Aim for something in the middle when it comes to the employee name. As a good rule of thumb, you should be able to read the employee’s name from about 10 feet away.

Our online name badge designer tool, enables you to design your own custom name badge in minutes. Click here to see the time and money saving tool in action!