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Name Badge Experts

Tips To Consider Whilst Choosing The Right Name Badges For Your Company Needs

Around Australia, and especially in the areas of Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, there are many companies that use name badges. Managers and entrepreneurs have known for many years that they offer numerous benefits. From helping to create a more professional atmosphere to opening the door to conversation, they may be small, but they are a mighty powerful tool.

If you are in the process of determining which name badges are the right ones for your company, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Here are some tips for choosing the right name badges for your company needs: 

  • Determine name badge usage. Different types of name badges are ideal for various usages. For example, if you have many people attending a workshop or conference, you may want to opt for reusable name badges. They can be reused over and over at different events and by many people. If you have steady employees, you may want to opt for a custom permanent name badge that will last for years.
  • Look at the various name badge styles. Name badges come in a variety of styles, with something for everyone. It’s a matter of personal preference which one you think will suit your company best. Oval and rectangle styles are popular, because they provide a professional look. Consider the various finishes to determine which one fits your company style best.
  • Consider the font. The font on a name badge is important, because it’s what people see. The font needs to be easy to read, both in terms of size and script. Some people are tempted to get fancy with the font, but keep in mind that it may make it difficult to read, which defeats the purpose of having a name badge in the first place. Simple, yet clean and professional is the best route to take.
  • Decide what you want on them. This is where you can let some of your company’s personality come through. Do you want to have color on the name badge, a logo, first and last name, title, etc.? Decide what will work best to help represent your company.
  • Material. Here at Signal Advantage we are passionate about doing our bit to help lower environmental impact. So whilst you are in the process of choosing the perfect name badge for your business needs, consider the material involved, which may be a recycled bamboo badge or reusable name badges. 

There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to choosing the best name badges for your company. Opt for durability so that they last longer and you get more out of your investment, and purchase in larger quantities so that you can save money. Don’t fear making the wrong decisions. You are not bound forever using the same name badges if you decide you like something else better. You can always upgrade on your next time around, and no matter what ones you opt for your company will still gain benefits. Around Australia, businesses in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney know that name badges are a great investment for just about any type of company.