Name Badge Experts

Name Badge Experts

Using Metal Badges To Boost Your Brand Loyalty and Awareness!

If you are organising an event and you want to make a lasting impact then a metal badge will be an important part of your promotional give away strategy.  Whether you’re looking for a low cost cold enamel badge, a stylish full enamel badge or a prestigious corporate full metal badge with detailed etching you are bound to find a style and price to suit.  Metal badges are both cost effective and stylish and can be customised to suit your business and the occasion.

The benefits of a metal badge range from their longevity as a piece of jewellery or memorabilia to the ability for them to be made in almost any shape you want.  The precision printing and enameling techniques mean that even complex designs can be produced with clarity.  The enameling process allows for a full range of colours to be produced and you can choose from a wide range of sizes.  Metal badges are perfect to commemorate important events, such as business milestones, school anniversaries, promotions and to recognise staff service achievements.  They can also be used as stylish giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions, used as fundraisers and worn with pride by members of associations, sporting groups, unions and community organisations. 

The metal badge is an item of quality that people are reluctant to throw away.  Their longevity is one of their most valuable attributes and as such they may keep the connection between your business, group or event and the person who received the badge alive for years or even decades after they received it.  As with most manufacturing orders, the more you need the lower the unit cost becomes, making metal badges a great option for large events where high quality name tags are required.